When it comes to computer services, we offer a very wide variety. So long as it is computer related; we do it! You can rely on us to deal with all of your computer needs. We have experts in all sorts of computer-related fields that can help you sort all your computer problems. Below are some of the main services that we offer at iComputer services.

  • Hardware repair and installations

We all have had that one time when our laptop or PCs fell or suffered from some kind of damage. The LCD might have been tampered with. Or maybe the laptop hinges got lose. Alternatively, maybe one of the parts got fried and urgently requires to be replaced. Whatever the case, our experts can deal with them. No need to worry, we will get it fixed fast. This is what we do; you can count on us to do it to perfection!

  • Spyware and virus removal

This is by far the most common problem with computers today. Due to the frequent use of USB devices between various computers as well as the frequent use of the internet by various users, the cases of virus attacks has been on the rise. As a matter of fact, the variety of virus definitions is always increasing with new sorts of viruses coming up with each day. Some cases normally so severe that the computer normally ends up crashing. We at iComputer can help you deal with such with the help of our Mobile Computers “50-Points threat Removal Engine”. We can get your computer back to proper shape within no time.

  • Operating System install and upgrade

The two latest operating systems of today include Windows 7 and its counterpart, the OSX Lion. Anything other than theses two is basically considered as ‘ancient’. If you are in the category of the ‘.ancient’ computer users and feel like you need to upgrade your system, then we are the people to do it for you. We can easily upgrade you from Leopard or Windows XP to OSX Lion or the so-popular Windows 7.

  • Home and wireless networking

One of the items we offer at our shop sector are the routers and many more networking implements. Once you get to buy any of these implements including the router, we can easily set it up for you fast!

  • Performance Optimization

Slow computers can be very annoying considering the pace at which they work. With the help of our TURBO-E Optimization engine, we can enhance the speed of your computer to as high as 250%.

  • Data Backup and recovery

Did you lose very vital data from your computer? No need to worry yourself, we at iCompuetr can recover and backup that data for you, fast and easy.

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Went in to get a virus and what I found out to be spyware, removed from my Sony Vaio laptop and they took care of me!
Nancy Suleki
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